On the Margins

So, just when PayPal decided not to attack print erotica through Smashwords and many other venues after all, Amazon has decided marginalizing homosexual relations is okay. Amazon, which keeps insisting, #Amazonfail after fail, that it is gay-friendly and good people and really it’s not our fault it just happens.

Bullshit. You want to be assholes, Amazon, it’s your right. But stop effing lying about it, will you?

This pisses me off. How many times do we have to fight this crap? To me, it’s simple. If you’re an adult, you should be able to find and read what you want if it’s legal (if it’s not, at least then it can be fought out in court).

Don’t hide the gays, man. It’s stifling in that damn closet.

In vaguely related news, my story for the Goodreads M/M Romance group is at about 15,000 words and I am wondering, with a dazed look on my face, just how long it will want to be. I’d planned it to cover a college semester, and I’m at 15k and still in September.


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3 comments to On the Margins

  • Meh, there’s always going to be a battle to keep equal rights for published works… well, hopefully not forever. Maybe some day in the future it won’t matter if the 2 MCs are the same gender, but right now, we gotta fight to make that future happen.

  • BBea

    Woohoo! I love your stories and long stories, so a long story by you is the best. (Hope it doesn’t crush you with its length.)

  • KD

    @Patricia…yeah, yeah. I’m just tired. I’ll quit complaining and go back to kicking ass tomorrow. ;)

    @Bea… ^_____^

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