Editing Amid Issues

Editing Amid Issues

I’m still editing Hiro II. I shouldn’t say it like that, really, because a lot of the time that I’ve been trying to edit, I really haven’t been editing. So I am still intending to edit, but doing it a lot more than I was. Or something.

Definitely accomplishing more.

It’s hard to keep the motivation up when things are going on, though. I spent most of today with a headache (and at work), had to have a root canal, I’m having an ongoing and VERY distracting issue having to do with lady bits…life is hard, y’all.

Made much the worse when I allow any news to cross my path. Which I feel I must, because I have to be ready to defend Dreamers and health care and lots of other people/things loudly at the drop of a stupid red hat…

Anyway. Whine, whine, whine. I need some cheese to go with that.

And to get back to work.


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