Rainbow in my Front Yard and Other News

We’re (finally!) into the monsoon in Southern Arizona. That means sun every morning, and rain most evenings. It’s kind of awesome.

So are rainbows, which we get a lot of during the monsoon. Have a crummy pic through my front window.

We continue to settle into the new house, finding out things as we go. For instance, did you know that towel bars–at least some of them–have a tiny screw at the bottom that is supposed to be tightened so they don’t fall off the wall? I’ve fixed two so far. There are a couple more towel bars (can you have too many towel bars? they are definitely oddly placed…) but they haven’t yet fallen off the wall, so we might be good. Further updates as events warrant.

I also learned how to take the cover off the exhaust fans in each bathroom and clean in there (Youtube has videos!) Man, they were downright FURRY with dust! Both work better now, though I think the front one needs its impeller replaced. I’m kind of afraid to go into work that needs fuses (yes, fuses, not circuit breakers) turned off, but I’ll probably get there. Eventually.

Like maybe when fall arrives so the whole house won’t melt if I have to turn the AC off for a few hours.

I took Duke from the kid because she never took proper care of him. He now lives the life his title implies, with a dedicated human to serve his every need. Currently he is preening on a squid.

Anywhoo…I should be editing Hiro. I’m gonna go get my sh*t together and do that.

After I call my Senators again. Are you calling? Please call. Daily, at least. You can leave messages–don’t have to talk to anyone.

For all of us, please call. Email is good too.


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