Progress Check…Not Much, But Some!

Progress Check...Not Much, But Some!

So July 4th. Independence Day.

I printed the calendars. I did not finish setting up the rules, laying out the boundaries, or putting the darn things on the wall.

Nope. None of that.

I have, however, been doing better at the things that I was going to create the calendars to help me do. I’m more aware, and when I’m more aware I do better. I’m still going to put the calendars up, don’t get me wrong. I’m just happy to be making a little progress even without having implemented my plan yet.

Why haven’t I begun my plan? Because I’m tired. Stuff keeps coming up that must be dealt with immediately, and then I’m too tired to think about anything. Which was the whole point of getting it done–get it done, get it on the wall, no thinking required just do the thing.

I’m a mom. I’m pretty damned good at “just do the thing” no matter how tired or sick or whatever I am. Moms push on, because we must.

But if I don’t have the plan made yet, I’m not able to do that, am I?

I sense that I have turned to babbling. I took the kid to the pool tonight because it was 110­° at 5 p.m. and now I’m exhausted. Good news is, so is she.

Anyway. Here are some words, and a check-in: I’m still trying to follow the plan.

But right now I think I need to go fall over.


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