I Had to Cut Bits

I Had to Cut Bits

I hated to do it, but Taro and Rafe were just having too much fun. So have a bit.

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“Chen,” I said, “remind me to introduce you to my sister.”

“That,” Rafe said, “is your cue to run away screaming.”

“Amen,” Burck put in. “What’s your sister up to now, anyway, Hibiki? You said she’s a freighter pilot? How many ports has she been tossed out of?”

“She’s too busy fighting with Ben to take on any but the most obnoxious slime.”

“And this Ben has survived her beating on him how long?”

“Verbal fights,” Rafe explained. “She doesn’t hit him, that would interfere with the sex.”


“They do have sex, Taro. Didn’t you know that’s where the children came from?”

“I really don’t need to hear my sister’s sex life discussed. I don’t want to hear it from her; I sure don’t want to hear it from you.”



“God in heaven,” Burck growled, “not again.”

“Be glad we aren’t playing any of our other games,” Rafe said with a chuckle in his voice. “Taro would make some privacy eventually, and you’d all be standing around waiting.”

“Leaving you for behind, more like,” Rector said.

“We love you too, Rector,” I said. “Get your drinks, people, we’re going to speed up to where you don’t have breath to talk again in a minute.”

“Taro, darling, can we take turns in the stretcher?”

“Next time we’ll bring you a float-chair.”

“Would you? Taro my sweet, you are just the best!”

Rector made gagging sounds. Burck wished for her Wolverine fighter. I picked up the pace. If they had energy for whining…

In Other News

Well, sort of. Just thinking how excited I am about this book.

In other other news, tomorrow is the last day of the Autumn Sale! Have you got all the books you want yet? What are you waiting for?

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  1. Bea says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! New Rafe & Taro! *glomps you*

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