For Future Reference

For Future Reference

One should never leave ten voice-recording homework assignments for the last night.

First, they have to be written. Then they have to be recorded. And no matter how frantically one may have been editing which caused the procrastination, one really does NOT want to be fighting it out with all the software that has to work together in order to record one’s homework twenty minutes before it is due.

…so yeah. One should never do that.

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3 comments on “For Future Reference
  1. Bea says:

    Oh no! I remember the recording software we had to use for my online Spanish class. It was completely ridiculous. My conversation partner and I spent at least 3 times as much time imitating the Verizon guy (“Can you hear me? ad nauseum) as we did actually being able to record. I’m sorry to hear your software isn’t much better. Did you at least get them all done?

  2. Bea says:

    *snerks* I’m not sure, but that sounds pretty good to me. The department changed online programs after my semester (of course). I’m sure it had nothing to do with about 80% of my class dropping. >_>

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