Life: A Continuance

Life: A Continuance

Haven’t heard from the financial aid guys yet. I don’t know what’s taking so long. I turned the paperwork in Friday afternoon, and here it’s Monday night already with no word!

Sheesh. Don’t they know I have a life?

In other news, yesterday in a great fit of energy that I should have put into editing but didn’t, I rearranged my bedroom. I like it much better now, which is a relief. Moving things in my room (and the apartment is so tiny that moving them OUT of my room to rearrange isn’t really an option) –moving things in my room is like one of those little puzzle squares. You know, the ones where you have to put all the tiles in the right order to make a picture? Before I started I spent ten minutes in the middle of my room going “if I move that over there and then this into its spot and then this back over here…” and then I complicated it more by making sure I vacuumed where things had been or were going…

Yeah. That took me a good chunk of time. But I’m now happy with it, which has not always been the case when I rearranged my living space.

Editing…well, it’s going. I’d like it to be going a lot faster, but it IS going. I always flail a lot at first. I do. I just wish I could get the flailing over with faster. As I always do. But I think this is going to work. And I think it’s going to be AWESOME.

’cause this book is already pretty darn cool. 🙂

Also, can I register continued and shameless delight that the books that are out continue to sell? It just makes my day when I log in and see that my beloved characters are still making new friends every day.

Got your copies yet?

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2 comments on “Life: A Continuance
  1. Juli Hoffman says:

    Rearranging furniture is a lot like being smacked in the middle of a Tetras game! Akkkkk!!!!!! 🙂

    Every day that you plug away at your novel, you’re that much closer to being DONE! YAY!!! So even if you only have fifteen minutes, that’s fifteen minutes closer. Yup! I’m Flyladying through my writing, but then again…I learned about Flylady from your blog! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • KD Sarge says:

      Yay, Flylady! I’m so glad to have spread the good word. I tend to fall off the wagon often, but even then I find myself working in 15-min bursts. It just works!

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