New-to-Me Time-Waster

I went through it all, though (since yesterday) so it’s safe for me to talk about it.

Have you seen Set Phasers to LOL yet?

This is me, dying laughing. Most sites, if they include SF stuff at all, will mostly make fun of the fans. I can’t tell you how many “will never get laid” jokes I’ve seen by people who actually don’t know anything about geek stuff at all. This site still has some of those, but mostly–no, mostly the site is by geeks for geeks and oh lord it restores my faith in humanity.

Real geeks know smart girls are hot. We also know smart guys are hot. Smart guys dressed as the Doctor? EVEN BETTER.

Grant Imahara as the Doctor. *swoon*

Check it out. Set Phasers to LOL. Because, really?

How could you not?

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2 comments on “New-to-Me Time-Waster
  1. Ohmygosh, thank you for this fabulous site! But I have to ask – are you TRYING to sabotage me? Could you smell that I had a midterm coming up or something?

    Thanks for the share!

  2. KD says:

    oh, is that what that smell was? Oops. :mrgreen:

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