Go On? Go Back? Go Away?

All the edits I made are in. My muses are now tempting me with delightful scenes that don’t make sense in the context of the story. I would be willing to toss pretty much everything written if they’d show me in what context those scenes do work, but noooooooo…

Stupid muses.

So now here we are. I said I’d decide when I got all the changes input.

Do I go back to the beginning, now that I have a better idea what I’m doing with this story? Do I go on from where I am? Do I go do something else?

Here’s the thing. July looms ahead, and the thought of editing anything ever again makes me cringe. I have, for serious, been editing one thing after another for most of six months. I dunwanna do any more!

So I’m pondering…a plotfest. Maybe even some–gasp!–writing. Fidelis needs a second volume. I could, though I have only the vaguest inklings of a plot, conceivably come up with enough to write 35K in July.

First, though, I want to re-plot Ben. Now is the time to fix anything and everything, and I’ve got it all fresh in my head now. What works, what doesn’t, what needs to be burned at the stake…

Seriously. I kept removing stuff like “he asked the question he’d been wondering, since she was in a talkative mood.” Because I was afraid the reader hadn’t noticed him wondering, I guess, or that all that dialogue Eve was spouting might not make it clear she was in a talkative mood…

Augh. But anyway. You have your orders, guys/voices/muses/madness. We need to get some things done.

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