With Due Respect, WTAF?

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Some polls report that Romney is “surging” with women.

I don’t even wanna comment on that.

There’s a cool guy whose blog I follow who says Obama and Romney are the same. He compares them to Coke and Pepsi (which aren’t really the same, but whatevs.)

There are some who seem to actually think that Romney would do a good job running this country.

I’m very confused by this.

President Obama

  • Repealed DADT
  • signed the Lily Ledbetter act
  • Thinks women and women’s doctors should make women’s health decisions
  • has brought us back from the brink of recession
  • wants to raise taxes on rich people, who currently pay LESS than most of the country
  • pushed through the ACA (aka Obamacare) so my grandfather’s medications cost less and my daughter is insured
  • is respected around the world
  • is the son of a single mom who worked for every damned thing in his life

In contrast, former Governor Mitt Romney

  • promises to get rid of Planned Parenthood, source of cancer screenings, contraceptives, and yes, abortions
  • thinks taking care of women’s rights is making sure women get off work in time to get the kids and start dinner
  • thinks he can cut taxes on the middle class, NOT raise taxes on the rich, yet decrease the deficit AND increase Pentagon spending
  • Promises to “get tough” on China while he invests his money there
  • stashes his money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland and other noted tax havens to avoid contributing to the U.S.
  • has never needed or wanted anything he couldn’t buy
  • managed to offend one of our closest allies when it wasn’t even a political trip.
  • once led a gang of classmates to attack a fellow student, held him down and cut his hair because Mitt didn’t approve of the young man’s haircut. That wasn’t in elementary school either.

So I really and for true do not get it.

If you know these things and you are undecided, or decided for Romney, please please tell me WHY. And then tell me what on earth would convince you to vote for the man who actually has an idea what a “normal” U.S. citizen goes through in a day.

Because I’d like to keep Barack Obama president.


No progress on anything. House messier, manuscript stuck, work piling up.

Pondering hiding under my bed with my laptop for a week.

But here. Have some good news.

More broadly, Obama said he was determined to build a new structure for executive oversight that would last beyond his presidency, preempting the problems he currently confronts from happening again.

“We talked a lot about the framework in which he is operating, and he talked about his strong desire to reestablish a system under which the executive is not exercising unfettered authority,” said Elisa Massimino, CEO of Human Rights First and an attendee at the Wednesday affair. “One of the chief differences between him and his predecessor was that he didn’t think he ought to be making these decisions in an ad-hoc, unaccountable way. And so he said that, in thinking through this, he was focused on how his successor might operate.” Huffington Post

Thank God. We have a president who doesn’t think his whims are the Unfiltered Will of God.

Dear Media

Dear Media:

Yes, he’s African-American.  Yes, it’s a marvelous thing we’ve come far enough an African-American can be elected to the highest office. Now let’s get to the point that you don’t feel the need to mention his race every other article.  Honestly, from what I’ve seen of the news today, you’ll have a tough time keeping up with the man.  Better get on it.

No love at the moment,


p.s.  Give him my love, will you?

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