What’s KD Procrastinating With Now?

What's KD Procrastinating With Now?

Tonight, in interesting things you maybe didn’t catch–

spray-on batteries

The song from The Hobbit is AWESOME.

How Shakespeare originally sounded.

Mass Shootings are bad things we’re not doing much to prevent.

Dark energy is always cool.

When some politicians don’t like the news, they just get rid of it.

This review of Knight Errant makes me very happy indeed.

Right. Now that I’ve possibly distracted you, I will move on to something I should be doing. >_>



I am wandering the internet today. I will get to editing shortly, as the sun setting always seems to be a signal for my brain to get to work. But in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my wanders.

The BBC has an article on dinosaur feathers.

This gifset from Thor is pretty awesome IMHO.

New blog to follow, pics are gorgeous and I like his eye.

Rather in love with this mildly NSFW, prettily-drawn sort-of story-thing.

Desperately wishing I could live here. Not so thrilled with the idea of living here, but it’s still pretty cool.


The kid is walking around groaning again, while asking herself and me why she ever stopped going to roller derby practice when it makes her so happy. So…


Is it really over $200 for a starter kit for roller derby?

I better find more work for her to do around here. Maybe cooking? Of course, if we lived here, I wouldn’t have to worry about roller derby gear.

In other news, this site amuses the heck out of me.

Of course, if my mood doesn’t improve, I could always just go be a troll here.

Also, I’m reading this book. Could be better written, but it’s definitely engrossing and makes TONS of sense.

So, there’s some stuff. Hope some of it is interesting.

Speaking of interesting–in Spanish you can often leave off the subject of the sentence, because the verb form tells you who is doing the acting. I’m glad it’s normal in some language. >_>

I Thought You’d Never Ask!

So a friend asked me why I like Hiddles (Tom Hiddleston) so much. Since the man has taken over my Tumblr, my mind, and my life, I guess an explanation is in order. So, in no particular order, and behind a cut because somehow there are a lot of pictures and stuff… (So there’s a clip from Thor and one from Avengers and if you don’t want spoiled don’t click play, hmm?)

More here.


I love science. It’s so…science-y. So sexy. The internet is indeed for porn. SCIENCE PORN. (Do you have that song in your head now? You’re welcome.)

It seems attempts at making babies in micro-gravity may encounter difficulties not experienced in Earth’s gravity. Interesting. I may not use that in my current SF universe–in the Dream’verse they use false-grav (No, I’m not a hard SF writer. Go read David Weber explaining Warshawski sails SEVEN HUNDRED TIMES if that bothers you)–but I may write another universe someday. And it suggests some interesting things for a fantasy universe as well.

“You might see land masses and mountains made up of diamonds,” the lead researcher Dr Nikku Madhusudhan told BBC News.

Ooo…now there’s something I can use. The discovered planet is a gas-giant, but apparently a rocky planet with diamond mountains is completely possible. Wish they explained exactly what the amount of water available had to do with things, though…

Ah well, that’s what research is for.

The problem with wandering about looking at shinies, is, of course, that so much shiny exists. From that BBC article, I went to this one, and saw this.

freaking awesomely huge iceberg

Tell me that doesn’t get the muses going!

I’m sure that, umm, at some point, I’ll, uhh…get around to writing again. Yeah. Just let me read this article about flashing snails


Because I am deep in the beginning of Another Glorious Book™ and unlikely to post coherently for a while, allow me to share some stuffs I need to get out of my head by getting it into yours.¹

For those who found Doomsday: BP Gulf Disaster frighteningly plausible (I did no research to debunk it because I didn’t want to think about it) io9 has debunked for you.

Tracking what you eat has never been easier–I am loving Fitday.com.

Imagine going out for a day on the water and capturing this on film. Do you even know what a basking shark is? Hint: it’s not JAWS. (warning for underwater camera)

Many people know about Creative Commons. Many don’t. If you produce or intend to produce creative works, it never hurts to check out the options.

General Relativity from a hot astrophysicist. Science is stimulating. The astrophysicist is taken. By whichever of us (who first found him) gets there first. ;-)

Protesting the Hate. I would become a Twilight fan just to do this. I would learn to sing and dance for the Glee flash mob though I haven’t seen the show. I would dress up as Darth Vader in San Diego in July to do this. (I still like my idea–five hundred storm troopers surround them and when they part the “protesters” are gone and No One Saw a Thing.)

Defending Comic Sans–for some, it’s not a matter of cute, it’s a matter of easy to read. Make that–readable at all. I’ll be thinking about this when I next get to puttering with the site. (though I will go with something else, considering how strongly some feel about Comic Sans.)

Hope some of that brings you joy. I’m gonna run back to my book now.


¹ No, I did not go hunting cool stuff to share. Yes, this is a selection of what I do when no one is poking me to work. Perhaps I need more poking.

Have a Sampling

Editing is a very difficult practice. It’s like when you’re riding, and you put your horse to a jump they don’t want to do. That horse is going to try to veer off, and it takes a strong rider to convince a horse to go where she wants rather than where the horse wants.

Muses, who are not subject to bridles and think bits are for other people (and let’s just forget any possibility of controlling them with heels and thighs, shall we?) are like that. They don’t want to go that way, and they will find ways to divert the whole trail ride.

So, uh…have some cool links?

There’s nothing like not-yet understood new science for your gift-giving needs!

How much sugar in a Pepsi? Hint: you don’t want to know. (I’m a Coke drinker, but I know that’s no better. This is just the soda I came upon.)

Thorium rules. Uranium drools.

Because unintended consequences of far greater complexity than anticipated are exactly what you want to happen in a lab working on life-capable chemicals.”

Also, last chapter of Shades is up. And I stopped editing at the end of page twenty-seven. Not long after that we were discussing stalking herds of free-range cookies through tall grass, so you know why I had to stop.

Too Much Good Stuff

Once again I find myself with a monumentally slow browser because I don’t want to close tabs. So I shall share the bounty, in hopes I can then escape it.

Death by Drunk Elk That’s gotta really suck. Exactly what did they think he’d killed her with, before they declared it death by elk?

Cosmic Rays Accelerate Growth That, on the other hand, is mightily cool.

Documentary Heaven Documentaries aren’t the most intellectually rigid method of learning out there, no. But a good documentary can get the plotbunnies going while giving me a direction for more in-depth research. Besides, it’s better than joining the zombie hordes shelling out actual money to see New Moon.

Speaking of which–judging by the guidelines of the National Domestic Violence hotline, Bella is in an abusive relationship. Yay for a generation of girls who think Edward is romantic, and boys who think that’s the way to treat a girl to get her to like you.

Flying Car! It’s about damned time.

I’m betting on the rabbit.

The McGurk Effect More on the pretty darn cool side.

Jet-Powered Merry-go-round Some people is just NUTS.

The Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre Fiction Generator 2000 For when even the plotbunnies fail you.

Skin hears with puffs of air Awesomesauce.

Steampunk Cheetah You heard me.

In an article asking “are we alone?” the following fun quote:

The entire time we’ve existed, we been banding into various groups and attempting to kill each other—or at least are constantly in the process of developing more effective ways of killing each other—just in case. The US government, for example, spends on “Defense” (including “preemptive” warfare) and Homeland Security, 8 times what it spends on educating the next generation. There is enough nuclear weaponry in storage around the world to kill every living creature on the planet several times over. Clearly, we’re a species with poor odds of surviving indefinitely.

Secrets of Adulthood Just…a good list, and a good place to end.

Happy Thanksgiving/Eid/weekend/whatever you celebrate.

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