NaNo 2013: Day Two

NaNo 2013: Day Two

Made wordcount again. I just have to keep telling myself it doesn’t matter if I’m getting the characters’ voices wrong. Writing is how I’ll figure that out.

Yes, my first drafts are often more like elaborate outlines. I’ve known that for a while. And sometimes, they’re a map to what I don’t want to do. Whatever I’m writing, mess or meanderings or good stuff, what I’m doing is important. It’s not like thinking about this book for much of five years has gotten it figured out, so I might as well do it this way. I keep telling myself that, anyway. And “thinking is for the second draft, KD. Just keep those fingers moving this time around.”

In other news, today the kid and I went to an open house to learn about volunteer opportunities at the Humane Society. We’ll go next week for an orientation. If the cute little one-eyed kitten named Loki that we met today is still there next week, I’ll be calling it fate and bringing her home.

Three is a completely reasonable number of cats.

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1 comment to NaNo 2013: Day Two

  • Bea

    Ooh, ANOTHER friend who’s getting (maybe) a kitten. I am jealous, except for how I really don’t want to have to deal with kitten antics right now.

    Congrats on 2 successful days of NaNo! And yes, the only thing a first draft has to do is exist.

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