I’m working on the Joss edit again. My editor (bless her name!) had some awesome suggestions and I’m getting started. Except for tonight, when I just can’t seem to scrape up any motivation.

That’s not even the right word. I’m motivated. I want to do this edit. The bit I’m working on right now, putting a fun scene in a different POV, is awesome. It’s going fine. I wrote about 800 words of it last night. I know what I want to do to finish it.

I just can’t seem to get my butt over to it. I’m sleepy and tired and quite content to sit here clicking about my tabs and accomplishing nothing whatsoever.

But that’s not good enough. I’ve got a month before Joss is due back to the editor. Also, he is currently sitting in a locker room mostly naked.

GOTTA get to work…maybe I’ll go read Chuck Wendig’s kick-in-the-writerly-ass again.

Yeah, think I’ll do that. Then I’ll get to work.

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