Editing Again

Hope wanted some company doing her homework tonight, and I was feeling uninspired (I love the last scene I wrote so very much that I’m not ready to move on) so I took my Eve ms to the kitchen table and we did homework together.  I cut two hundred words.  Yay me.

Why does it feel like it’s never going to be done?

Oh, right.  Because I seldom work on it.  Gotta change that.  But geez…Keen’s yanking on me, and NaNoWriMo is coming up, and writing furiously is sooo much more fun than editing.

Being published, though, has to be even more fun.  Just think–one day I’ll only have to walk around a wall to get to work, and I’ll be able to spend all day most days with Eve, Ben, Donte, Selene, Rafe, Taro, Keen, Luc…

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