Well, perhaps “questions that may become frequently asked” would be more appropriate, but I’m going to go with the recognized acronym.

Who is KD and why am I here?

Getting existential right off the bat, eh? Well, I’m going to guess you’re here because something caught your eye and you clicked a link. I hope that now you’re here, you’ll stick around and enjoy yourself and maybe join a conversation or two.

As for who I am–I’m a writer. I write scifi, fantasy, and erotica so far. I’m a GLBT ally. I am against racism, disablism, sexism, and anything else that takes away the rights of people who have not violated the rights of others. That means I think people who steal or murder should be in jail, but gays should be able to be out and proud and welcome. I think every public place in the world, and as many private ones as possible, should be navigable by wheelchair, and I think bus drivers who do not let wheelchair-using patrons board should be tried on criminal charges. I’m a Christian who thinks many Christians get a lot of things wrong, which I find incomprehensible since Christ told us what to do in two simple commandments. The words of Paul and the Old Testament do not supersede the commandments of Christ!


I’m a fan of Adam Lambert, Bleach, Lois McMaster Bujold, James Scott Bell’s writing books, and Breyer’s Coffee Fudge Brownie low-fat ice cream. I think Fullmetal Alchemist is the best TV show I’ve ever seen, no exceptions. Had Firefly gone on, I probably would put it first instead. My favorite movie is Aliens. I’m a widowed mom with an inordinate fondness for redheads and the odd habit of flinging squid about. I’m building a minion army.

What have you written?

Intended for paid publication? Nine science fiction novels, two books of a fantasy trilogy, one novella, a serial for an online magazine, and three short stories. Also two novel-length fanfics, a bunch of PWPs, and some other bits and bobs. Seven years and counting of blog entries. And that’s just the finished stuff. You can find a more comprehensive list of my original fiction here.

I don’t see any fanfic. Where is the fanfic? NEED SLASH. NEED SLASH NOW.

Easy! It’s right here, on my LJ. Click nice and easy, and consider cutting back on the caffeine, hmm?

I see writing advice here and there. Why should I listen to you?

Why not? There’s no commitment but a few minutes of time. If it’s not helpful, stop reading. Critique me if you like. Have a complementary squid.

Here’s the thing. People will think “why should I listen to someone who isn’t traditionally published in order to get published?” but I’m not giving advice on how to get published. I can advise you on how to finish a book because I’ve done that many times. I can advise you on plots to keep readers up nights because I’ve done that. I can tell you tricks to make your characters talk, to make your editing easier, and to make your writing life less frustrating because I’ve done all of those. Tell you how to take your excellent writing that you’ve worked years on improving and hit it just right in traditional publishing? Nope. Can’t do that. But I won’t claim I can, either. Want advice on self-publishing? Let’s see how I do first.

Here’s a fair test–go read my stuff. If you think you can’t learn anything from me, you know not to waste your time. I don’t write advice because I think I’m the best writer EVAH; I write it because it might be of help to someone. Also, it helps get these things clear in my own mind.

Why are you self-publishing?

Joe Konrath told me to. So did Michael Stackpole. (okay, not personally.)

Traditional publishing is a business. Editors must seek the works with the biggest selling potential to stay publishing, and my stories are extremely unlikely to meet that criteria. That’s my choice–I could write vampires, or straight romance, or whatever, but my heart wouldn’t be in it, so I probably wouldn’t get anywhere and I’d be miserable. No thanks.

I want to share my stories. I’d like to make at least enough to pay my costs in producing them. Self-publishing gives me a shot at accomplishing both.

Do you have any real publishing credits?

Define “real.” I’ve had two excellent agents pass on my novel because of the
aforementioned marketing issue. The serial is accepted for publication, but the magazine is cursed by Murphy and has not yet made it online. I’m a staff writer for Fairfield County Writers, soon to become Full Coverage Writers and go national. My fanfics have been almost universally adored by those who have read them (and it’s not just because I’m good at squeezing in frequent smut, oh no…)

Very real to me: my work is good enough to inspire squid-knitting. As seen here, devouring a young girl.

Attack of the rainbow squid!
What’s with all the squid?

It’s…really better that you don’t know. Just enjoy them if you can, and don’t feed them any household pets that you want back.

Can I be a minion?

I love minions! How well do you get on with squid?

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  1. L.M. Murphy says:

    “Cursed by Murphy?” Oh come on now KD, that’s not very nice. 😉 :mrgreen: