Freaking Hot

We have come, my friends, to that Time of Year again. When all I want to do is hide in my house. No, I don’t want to go out. No, I don’t care if the sun just came up. As I left for work today at 7:30, it was eighty-three freaking degrees outside.

I ask you. Does that seem remotely reasonable?

It’s days like these that I miss having my summers off. Yeah, I was broke (two months without pay will do that) but I could sleep all day. The kid and I would get up in the afternoon, go swimming in the evening, stay up all night when it was nice, and sleep through the day each with a box fan on high a foot away from her head.

Reminding myself I love my job, I love my job…because I really do. That has nothing to do with my not wanting to leave my house.

Is it October yet?

Although…I did leave my house to see Wonder Woman. Three times.


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Things To Do in June

Things To Do in June

It happens every time I have a deadline looming near. I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want to do, but really don’t have time to do. Not if I want to be done on time! Or even be close to being done on time!

I add that disclaimer because I am not going to be where I want to be by the end of today. I’ve taken the day off work to try, but I know that it won’t happen. (Partly because I’m putting in the time to maintain my 750words streak, but ssh. That’s important.) I won’t be where I want to be by the end of tomorrow, either. Even a few more days, as generously offered by my editor, isn’t going to do it. So, in the immortal words of Elsa, I will let it go.

Only because it’ll come back to me. I will get another crack at this edit, with Siri Paulson’s suggestions to help me get this book in shape.

But! The deadline has not yet arrived. So I can’t in good conscience do the things yet. However, I will.

  • Wonder Woman– I want to go see Wonder Woman. I’ve never been a big fan, but it wasn’t because I didn’t like her. I’ve never felt much affinity for the more talked-about DC heroes (Superman, Batman) so I didn’t stumble across Wonder Woman much. I mostly stuck to the X-Men, in reality. (Storm and Kitty Pryde, and Phoenix, and Rogue…) But I want more women-led, woman-directed movies, and THIS one seems to be hitting it out of the park, so win/win and I will go.
  • Flandrau Planetarium– I jumped on a Groupon that got me a year’s membership to the local planetarium. I get to wander the museum whenever I want, and pay something like $1.50 to go to planetarium shows. I intend to use this a few times in June!
  • Unpack! yeah, it’s not high on my list, but BOY does it need doing. I haven’t been able to use the carport since we moved in because it’s full of STUFF. So is every corner of the house, but the closets are mostly empty because we don’t want to lose stuff (actually I think it’s because I stopped stuffing stuff in closets just to get it out of the way, and no one else was doing that.)
  • My Room– I’m really excited about my room, you guys. When we were loading the truck to move, a friend picked up one of the pieces to my bed and it fell in several more pieces, coming apart in ways it was NOT supposed to do. Bad timing (who wants to spend lots more money while moving?) but no loss otherwise. It was a cheap daybed frame I bought eight years ago used for $100. It had ~had it~ and I do not miss it. I do miss not sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I pulled an oblique muscle (I’m told) in the gym a while back, and I am not terribly flexible at the moment. Getting up off the floor after lying still for 7-8 hours is not easy for me. But! My bed is winging towards me at the speed of IKEA. Wayfair is sending me a mattress pad, new pillows, and new sheets. I bought a full-size bedspread a while back (18 months, cough) because i loved it and because I meant to get a full-size bed soon. AND NOW I WILL HAVE IT. And decorative pillows with sea life on them because how could I not? I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS.
  • Ahem.
  • Read Some Books– I have a couple books friends have loaned me that I need to read. I need to acquire the last Temeraire book and read the penultimate book and then the last book. I have a writing book I bought on a deal–Creating Character Arcs–that promises to help me figure out how best to plot my arcs through trilogies and series. Like the one I’m working on now!
  • Watch more movies– I want to watch Rogue One about six more times. NEED to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I want to watch Pacific Rim again, and Ghostbusters Answer the Call. And The Force Awakens. Yes, want to see that again…and (whispers guiltily) Baywatch. I have such a soft spot in my heart for Dwayne Johnson, and Zac Efron too, so I shall have to see it even if it’s a complete and utter waste of an hour.
  • Hang out with my kid– she’s actually missing me. I should take advantage of that. (actually, it’s occurring to me that she only seems to miss me when I am deep in a deadline. She doesn’t want to hang out when I’m not! So maybe I should lie to her about deadlines in order to spend time with her?) (Oh, hey–I’ll take the kid to see Baywatch along with WW and GotG2. Quality time, hopefully with little complaining!) (I love her, but she’s a CONSTANT FONT OF NEGATIVITY and driving me up the wall right now.)
  • Also, I want to go swimming. And wander the park so near my new house. Get into gardening. Get my house set up just how I want it. Fix some things. BLOG MORE. Clip my toenails. Stuff like that.

But right now I’ve passed 750 words, so I gotta go edit.

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Moving SUCKS

So we did it. We got the keys to the new house in the evening May 9th. We only took the survival bag over that night. (paper towels, disinfecting wipes, a couple plastic cups, t.p. The stuff that if you’re stuck waiting for a service guy to come, you REALLY WISH you had on hand.) We explored with no one watching, we discovered with no one else’s stuff in the way, and we reveled in OUR HOUSE.

The next night, we made a couple runs of boxes and such in my Corolla. Three people, couple boxes…yeah, that was about it.

Thursday night a friend packed his mini-van until cardboard was coming out the vents, and we loaded up the car and led the way.

Friday I had two strong tall friends with awesome willingness, and a truck.

Saturday I had one friend with a big truck, but all those loading were short and also not terribly strong. (I am stronger than I look, but I can’t lift stuff far!)

Sunday we had a borrowed truck, and one borrowed pair of strong arms. We made a lot of progress! Then friend had to go, and I had to take the truck back, and we still weren’t done…

I kid you not, we were moving from nine a.m. Sunday to six a.m. Monday and then I went to work because I had to be there.

BUT! I have a house! I live in it now! I love it muchly! There are a few things I need to fix. There are a few more things I want to fix. There are a LOT more things I want to change and make better.

We still have boxes everywhere. The carport is full of stuff. The kitchen is barely useable, and one bathroom has been designated the “plant sanctuary” and most of the houseplants are in there, safe from devouring kitties until we can get the furniture in from the car port and set up away from things that will let the cats climb up and eat the plants.

I’m not kidding.

But. I have a house. It is a lovely house, and it is MY house.

I also have a new-to-me rolltop desk and a light up rainbow keyboard, but those are entirely different matters.

But anyway. House! I am supposed to be doing other things, so I will just leave it at this for now.


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I don’t think of myself as a big acquirer of things. I don’t collect anything in particular except books I want to read at least once more, and movies I want to watch a few more times. I’m relentless with my closet decluttering–if it doesn’t fit, and it’s in a direction I don’t want to go (up) or a lot farther away than I expect to get in the next few months, out it goes. Someone will be happy to find it at Goodwill, but I’m not storing it.

My housemates probably (certainly) get tired of hearing about it. “I never wear this.” “So get rid of it.” “But what if I need it later?” “Get rid of it.” Or the child, “I can’t wear this anymore and it makes me mad.” “Okay, toss it.” “But I love it!” “You’re not going back to your 12yo body. Toss it.” “But I love it!”

Both have been called hoarders. I know it’s not true, but I do tease them about it. Especially the book-collecting housemate. I tease her about being a book-collecting dragon, except when Tolkien described dragon hoards he spoke of dragons “not enjoying a brass ring of it” and my housemate most certainly reads and enjoys her books!

All that said, can anyone tell me WHERE all the crap I’ve been packing is coming FROM? THERE’S SO MUCH. Boxes and boxes and bags and more boxes…what the hell? What is this stuff and where did it come from? And why didn’t I know it was there?

Much of that pile isn’t mine. There’s kitchen packing in there, and both the housemates, and some bathroom stuff…but lots of it IS mine, and I just don’t understand where it all came from.

Because I don’t have stuff! So I should probably figure out who the heck has been stashing their stuff in my closet and bookshelves and such. It’s ridiculous that I have to move their stuff…

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Just a Rehearsal

Just a Rehearsal

I’ve been thinking this at myself lately, because it’s really not helpful to go beating myself up for my mistakes. I know what I want to do, and I’m trying to do it. Getting mad at screw-ups doesn’t help in the slightest.

So. It’s just a rehearsal. Not to excuse lack of trying–to tell myself it’s okay I’ve flubbed it up. I’ll get another chance to get it right.

Unless I don’t, in which case I’m not really gonna care that I forgot my healthy breakfast in the fridge and ate free donuts instead, am I?

All I can do is the best I can do, and my best varies from day to day.

It’s just a rehearsal.

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Doing the Math

Doing the Math

So a while back I downloaded YNAB, which stands for You Need a Budget. Because I did–I really really needed a budget. I looked around at recommended free apps, and tried Wallet, and it just didn’t work for me. Somehow I never quite managed to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with it. Probably too modern, I decided. So I went “old school” and found a budgeting spreadsheet template.

Yeah, no. I didn’t want to enter every single thing at my computer every night, and make sure everything aligned at the end of the month and then copy it all to the next month and…and I didn’t have it with me. I couldn’t check the situation on the fly. And also I was budgeting every dime where it “should” go, and sometimes you just gotta let “should” go. Or as YNAB rule #3 says, “roll with the punches.”

I downloaded YNAB for the trial, which is 34 days so you get to go through an entire month with it. Within a week, though, I’d decided I was paying for it when the trial was up. It’s really amazing to me, and a great example of how looking at something differently provides solutions.

How does it work? To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure. I mean, I can tell you what I do. But what makes this budgeting program the one that helps me actually pay down my credit cards and talk myself out of a zip through the nearest drive-through? I don’t quite know.

I was going to talk about the actual how-to of how it works, but meh. There are lots and lots of videos and discussions. So I’ll leave it at this–YNAB works for me. If you’re looking for a way to get the finances under control, you should check out the free trial. It’s $50 a year after that and WORTH EVERY PENNY imho.

In Other News

Burning Bright is still a thing. I’m working on the next book! I’m pretty excited about it.

Erin Zarro is coming out with the third book in her Fey Touched series. Here’s the sneak peek at Ever Touched, arriving May 1st.

We’re almost to May. Good lork.

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Ever Touched Cover Reveal!

Well, lookie here. Is this another blog post already? Y’all are going to get spoiled. 😉

Tonight’s post, though, has an actual purpose (ooh!)

Remember my friend Erin Zarro? Remember Grave Touched?

She’s got a new book coming out… 😀

Ever Touched

One secret remembered, another forgotten…which one will explode first?

Brianna has two problems: she cannot remember her past, and she astrally projects to another woman who has predictions tortured out of her. As a result, she is lonely and feels distanced from her co-workers — the only family she has ever known — the Fey Touched Hunters. She is their intelligence gatherer, and her episodes are interfering with her ability to do her job.

When Fey Touched Hunter Cobra, her friend, finds her alone and injured from an episode, she accepts his help. But she’s terrified of doctors and of being thought mentally ill, so she refuses to tell him what’s wrong or let him take her to get medical help. Still, Cobra continues to help and protect her. They find themselves falling in love.

But Cobra, too, has a secret that could rip their fragile bond apart.

When Brianna discovers through her episodes that someone has plans to destroy the Fey Clans, the Fey Touched decide to put their hatred aside and help them. But it’s not just a matter of someone with a grudge: there are other, more powerful players — beings thought to be legend.

As they unravel the mystery, Brianna’s episodes become more frequent and more dangerous until she is faced with a choice. To find the mystery girl and help the Fey Clans, she must risk opening herself up to the Hunters and to Cobra, and put her own life on the line. But is she prepared for the answers she’ll find?

Coming from Turtleduck Press May 1st!

ETA: Would you believe I forgot there’s a sneak peek on the TDP site? Go! Read!

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