Just a Rehearsal

Just a Rehearsal

I’ve been thinking this at myself lately, because it’s really not helpful to go beating myself up for my mistakes. I know what I want to do, and I’m trying to do it. Getting mad at screw-ups doesn’t help in the slightest.

So. It’s just a rehearsal. Not to excuse lack of trying–to tell myself it’s okay I’ve flubbed it up. I’ll get another chance to get it right.

Unless I don’t, in which case I’m not really gonna care that I forgot my healthy breakfast in the fridge and ate free donuts instead, am I?

All I can do is the best I can do, and my best varies from day to day.

It’s just a rehearsal.

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Doing the Math

Doing the Math

So a while back I downloaded YNAB, which stands for You Need a Budget. Because I did–I really really needed a budget. I looked around at recommended free apps, and tried Wallet, and it just didn’t work for me. Somehow I never quite managed to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with it. Probably too modern, I decided. So I went “old school” and found a budgeting spreadsheet template.

Yeah, no. I didn’t want to enter every single thing at my computer every night, and make sure everything aligned at the end of the month and then copy it all to the next month and…and I didn’t have it with me. I couldn’t check the situation on the fly. And also I was budgeting every dime where it “should” go, and sometimes you just gotta let “should” go. Or as YNAB rule #3 says, “roll with the punches.”

I downloaded YNAB for the trial, which is 34 days so you get to go through an entire month with it. Within a week, though, I’d decided I was paying for it when the trial was up. It’s really amazing to me, and a great example of how looking at something differently provides solutions.

How does it work? To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure. I mean, I can tell you what I do. But what makes this budgeting program the one that helps me actually pay down my credit cards and talk myself out of a zip through the nearest drive-through? I don’t quite know.

I was going to talk about the actual how-to of how it works, but meh. There are lots and lots of videos and discussions. So I’ll leave it at this–YNAB works for me. If you’re looking for a way to get the finances under control, you should check out the free trial. It’s $50 a year after that and WORTH EVERY PENNY imho.

In Other News

Burning Bright is still a thing. I’m working on the next book! I’m pretty excited about it.

Erin Zarro is coming out with the third book in her Fey Touched series. Here’s the sneak peek at Ever Touched, arriving May 1st.

We’re almost to May. Good lork.

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Ever Touched Cover Reveal!

Well, lookie here. Is this another blog post already? Y’all are going to get spoiled. 😉

Tonight’s post, though, has an actual purpose (ooh!)

Remember my friend Erin Zarro? Remember Grave Touched?

She’s got a new book coming out… 😀

Ever Touched

One secret remembered, another forgotten…which one will explode first?

Brianna has two problems: she cannot remember her past, and she astrally projects to another woman who has predictions tortured out of her. As a result, she is lonely and feels distanced from her co-workers — the only family she has ever known — the Fey Touched Hunters. She is their intelligence gatherer, and her episodes are interfering with her ability to do her job.

When Fey Touched Hunter Cobra, her friend, finds her alone and injured from an episode, she accepts his help. But she’s terrified of doctors and of being thought mentally ill, so she refuses to tell him what’s wrong or let him take her to get medical help. Still, Cobra continues to help and protect her. They find themselves falling in love.

But Cobra, too, has a secret that could rip their fragile bond apart.

When Brianna discovers through her episodes that someone has plans to destroy the Fey Clans, the Fey Touched decide to put their hatred aside and help them. But it’s not just a matter of someone with a grudge: there are other, more powerful players — beings thought to be legend.

As they unravel the mystery, Brianna’s episodes become more frequent and more dangerous until she is faced with a choice. To find the mystery girl and help the Fey Clans, she must risk opening herself up to the Hunters and to Cobra, and put her own life on the line. But is she prepared for the answers she’ll find?

Coming from Turtleduck Press May 1st!

ETA: Would you believe I forgot there’s a sneak peek on the TDP site? Go! Read!

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I Never Believed in Writer’s Block

Not for me, anyway. I wouldn’t dream of denying that other people have suffered from something that sure sounds awful, but it’s not something that happens to ME. I just write. Every day. Yep.

Until I don’t.

Lately–for a long time, not just a week–it’s just been really hard for me to get anywhere. I sit down to write and I do anything but. Force myself to focus, and suddenly I’m on the verge of tears. It’s just really hard.

I think, “I should post on my blog,” and I freeze up. Can’t think of anything to say.

Go to edit? I see something I should fix, but when I reach for alternate words, they aren’t there.

But you know what? I don’t have time for this.

So. I will no longer struggle alone. I’ve gone to my writing-book shelf for help.

Zen in the Art of Writing  Escaping Into the Open  Beginnings, Middles, and Ends

Tonight as I prepare for battle, I have Ray Bradbury, Elizabeth Berg, and Nancy Kress at my side. Writing inspiration, spirit inspiration, technique inspiration.

This block is going down.

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With Love

I think we all need this tonight.

That is all.

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Off to Bed

Off to Bed

I’m not here. I’m on my way to bed.

But I wanted to say I’m going to start coming by here more often, I swear.

Also, if you’re into audio books at all, check out A Short History of Nearly Everything, particularly the version read by Richard Matthews. It’s marvelous.

(Edit: Apparently I was so tired last night, I didn’t POST THIS. Oops… )

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This is the Capitol switchboard. If your congressional representatives are like mine, you can call them and complain without having to talk to a human at all–that is, if you can get through at all. (looking at you, Senator McCain.)


These are puppies.


Take care.

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