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Friday the Thirtieth

Yeah, Friday the Thirtieth just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Today, despite the fact that Bly hasn’t remembered to nag, I added 700 words to Semantics.  I had asked her opinion, she said she didn’t feel it was

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June Twenty-Ninth

What was I going to say?  I don’t remember.  Oh, now I do.  Today was the deadline, I was to have decided if I was adding to Semantics or not.  And the decision is–yes.  I think it needs a wee

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Last Monday

Thank God.  That’s all I have to say.  Thank God it’s the last working Monday for a while.  I just have far too much to do, I can’t go to work every day too. I finished my short story today. 

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I'm a Moron

Did you put sunscreen on? I asked Bly before we left.  You said you burn quickly. So she went and put sunscreen on.  But did I?  Of course not.  In my defense, I’m used to driving without wearing sunscreen.  However,

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