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Plodding Onward

All right, I want everyone who EVER bought drugs from someone they found through a blog comment lined up and beaten. 751 in my spam filter. Srsly? Who does this? Someone must buy, or they wouldn’t keep doing it, right?

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I Needed That!

I got another request for a partial! Right when I’d decided the first must have been a fluke! So. Now I have to fix that blasted synopsis! Fweeeeeee!

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Why QueryFail Is Good For Us

First, an explanation. #queryfail is an event that happened on Twitter, where agents and editors Tweeted about why they rejected queries. Sometimes it was a sentence from the query, sometimes it was a comment like “four paragraphs about his education,

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Another One

Another query shot down in its prime. On to the next one. Still no answer from the lady with the partial. Ben is being a pain in my ARSE, but progress is slowly happening. *trudges onward*

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I’m thinking Samurai X is very good for me!  I may have to watch it again as soon as I find the courage.  *sniff*  (go here for what the heck I’m talking about) Today I: re-wrote my query for Eve’s

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