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Judge Me By My Size, Do You?

Hmm? That’s my lake in the upper left hand corner–the one I usually walk around. Today I decided to do a little mountain climbing instead. I’m gonna hurt a bit tomorrow–but WOW, did it feel amazing today! View of the mountain

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Seen on the Road to Rivendell

I’d mentioned my Fitbit. I’m still carrying it with me everywhere, getting about five miles a day. On Wednesday I went for it, and got eight! Mostly because the kid was staying at my sis-in-law’s, and the dog needed walking.

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Pictorial Proof

So there it is. Guarded by Huggsley the spork-wielding landsquid, under the Little Printer that Could, the manuscript pile lies waiting. It’s in order. Ben on top, then Eve, Donte, and Taro in the pile closest to the camera. In

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Much fun was had, and I have pics! I’ll hide the slideshow to avoid issues with the menu bar.

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I Have No Idea

But this picture…I love this picture.  So I’m putting it where I can find it.

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Yeah, this re-write is kicking my butt.  (I’m kicking back, yes, but it’s taking a lot out of me.  Such as the energy to blog.) So.  Some cool stuff.  (hey, random surfing takes a lot less energy and thought than

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