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Friday Linksp@m

Friday Linksp@m

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m still not braining enough to review a book, so have some other interesting stuff instead. Greek tomb being excavated, looks amazing. Spock is confused by me. What beauty (supposedly) looks like. Some pretty awesome photos from WWII.

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What’s KD Procrastinating With Now?

What's KD Procrastinating With Now?

Tonight, in interesting things you maybe didn’t catch– spray-on batteries The song from The Hobbit is AWESOME. How Shakespeare originally sounded. Mass Shootings are bad things we’re not doing much to prevent. Dark energy is always cool. When some politicians

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I am wandering the internet today. I will get to editing shortly, as the sun setting always seems to be a signal for my brain to get to work. But in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my

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I Thought You’d Never Ask!

So a friend asked me why I like Hiddles (Tom Hiddleston) so much. Since the man has taken over my Tumblr, my mind, and my life, I guess an explanation is in order. So, in no particular order, and behind a

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I love science. It’s so…science-y. So sexy. The internet is indeed for porn. SCIENCE PORN. (Do you have that song in your head now? You’re welcome.) It seems attempts at making babies in micro-gravity may encounter difficulties not experienced in

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Because I am deep in the beginning of Another Glorious Book™ and unlikely to post coherently for a while, allow me to share some stuffs I need to get out of my head by getting it into yours.¹ For those

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Have a Sampling

Editing is a very difficult practice. It’s like when you’re riding, and you put your horse to a jump they don’t want to do. That horse is going to try to veer off, and it takes a strong rider to

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