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Should Blog

I should, but I don’t really know what to say. Stumbling forward on the smut challenge–the beginning is always hard for me, because no matter how I’ve built (not so thoroughly this time *shifty look* ) it’s never enough. I

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Like Christmas, Only Better

So. Two weeks off from work. Of course there were holidays in there, so it wasn’t all my time (I like holidays. For about an hour. Maybe two, if I get good presents. Which I did. I showed you my

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A Busy Day

Or so I hope, anyway. The list is long, the vacation getting shorter by the minute. Something needs to work. So, in order of completion: morning coffee (hey, it’s a requirement) healthy breakfast (Yogurt Cheerios) PubYe rounds TSR rounds Blog

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Have a Sampling

Editing is a very difficult practice. It’s like when you’re riding, and you put your horse to a jump they don’t want to do. That horse is going to try to veer off, and it takes a strong rider to

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Almost End of the Year Round-Up

Because at the actual end of the year I never feel like doing this… I started 2009 editing Ben. I did okay–it took forever, but I got it in a shape where I could have whipped it into a real

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Or re-direction, or something. Big girls do cry. They also swear, if they like. Then they stand the hell up and get on with it. If at first you don’t succeed, throw a fit. Then get back to work. So

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Stupid Germs. Stupid Cold. Stupid stupid.

Yep, I’m sick. Damn it. Since I last checked in, I edited a scene of Joss and wrote most of another, but can’t get my brain to function to finish it. I’ve written a bit more on Fidelis each day,

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