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Shelfie Challenge: Gryphon’s Eyrie

Gryphon’s Eyrie is the last book in the trilogy. Andre Norton wrote it with A.C. Crispin. I don’t know how anyone writes with anyone else, so I’ll be paying attention to see if I can catch them in the act.

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Shelfie Challenge: Gryphon in Glory

Predictably, next in my reading was Gryphon in Glory, the second book in the trilogy. I haven’t read it as many times (because for a long time I did not know that The Crystal Gryphon had a sequel) so it’s

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Shelfie Challenge, Book the First: The Crystal Gryphon

First up, The Crystal Gryphon by Andr√© Norton, given to me for Christmas by my marvelous roomie. After deciding months ago that it had been too long since I’d read the trilogy, I managed to locate the sequels. The first

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