Month: June 2014

Headline: Obligatory Vacation Picture Post Turns into Rant

So we’re back from Pinetop. Here are some obligatory pictures. Not too many, because I didn’t take a ton and also I’m too tired still to put a lot of work into posting. The child met a squirrel. This picture

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Greetings from Pinetop!

Just checking in from this gorgeous pine-tree-filled place I find myself in. I’d post a picture but mostly I’ve been enjoying rather than taking pictures. Also, my camera is about twenty feet away and the cord to plug it to

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Enablers, All

My friends are all enablers. In the best possible way, of course. So today I mentioned my love for Pacific Rim on Twitter. Then this happened. I love my friends. 

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Gettin’ Wild Here

Gettin' Wild Here

The backstory: since my daughter’s extremely bad choices in January, she’s been on, basically, lockdown. We’ve gone through lots of counseling, I’ve relied on my friends to keep her in the company of responsible adults at all times, she can only see

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Furry Hooligans Trash my Desk!

Even as I was trying to work, these juvenile delinquents were knocking things over and destroying stuff! Can you believe it? Now, I’m not usually down on the youth of today. They have their own set of struggles, God knows.

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Do Some Good

Do Some Good

Fuck all the badness in the world right now. I say, let’s do some good. Not One More. Now it’s Seattle Pacific University a school in Oregon† in the crosshairs. This has GOT TO STOP. I could go on for

Type, or the Albatross Gets It!

Ugh, the blank page. Again. Even when I’m editing, I try to do 750words every day. I like to make sure the writing gears are greased before I set to work. But that leads to me facing the blank page

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