Month: September 2012

god help us, a teenager

god help us, a teenager

My kid is turning fourteen. Fourteen. Wow. Thirteen was rough, but I could still be in denial. Thirteen isn’t really a teenager, really. She’s just started! The first year doesn’t count! My kid is now a teenager. God help us

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What’s Your Reread Ratio?

What's Your Reread Ratio?

Today I found this awesome review of Knight Errant, in which the author says they will reread KE, though they “NEVER read a book more than once!” It’s hugely flattering! But the roomie and I didn’t understand how someone could

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A Protective Squid

Roommate and child share a bedroom. Roommate went to bed first, I suggested when child went to bed that she not turn on the light. Because she’s been watching Supernatural, this did not appeal. Nor was she appeased when I

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Legitimate Uses of YouTube With Homework

So for me, listening to songs in English while trying to do Spanish homework makes the work more difficult. Fortunately there’s YouTube. I love this song. Can I understand it yet? No. I haven’t actually gone to look for translations

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Oh Screw It

I was going to write an intelligent and insightful post, but then my brain ran off. Have a deep, insightful music video instead. For the record, I love this song. This video just amuses me.

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I’m Not Here

Not mentally, at least. I swear I remember deciding years ago not to wait until I was yawning my jaw off to blog. I was supposed to do it before I got started on the night’s work… Yeah, whatever. School

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I Create It All

When I was in elementary and high school, I slid by with as little effort as I could manage. I generally read the assignments, and sometimes I did the work but mostly I didn’t. In high school especially, I did

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