Free Reads

Chres•tom•a•thy (noun) :

  1. a selection of passages used to help learn a language
  2. a volume of selected passages or stories of an author

Here I will link the free stuff I put up. The squid separate universes, or click on the one you seek. One-shots and contemporary stories are in the first section.

Spell-Wracked Lands
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Pancakes, a Demon, and You Random fun in response to a Twitter challenge. Urban fantasy only not urban? Contemporary.

Romeo and Julian: A Near-Tragedy Near Verona Not-quite-random fun in response to a Goodreads challenge. Contemporary.

Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells: Written for another Goodreads challenge. Lukas is mostly straight, responsible and sensible. So why can’t he get flamboyantly gay Alan and his ever-changing eyeshadow out of his head? Free on Goodreads.

 Running Deer and Hidden Badger: Cowboys. What more is there to say? Oh, they’re gay. Contemporary and free on Goodreads.


≈≈:=>   Dream’verse   <=:≈≈

In a star-spanning union after a long and bloody war, survival comes hard for many. Aboard the freighter Pendragon’s Dream, though, it’s a team effort. Captain Eve Marcori, former Marine, rescues as needed—a war-torn doctor here, an abused rentboy there, next a pre-teen pickpocket with a big mouth and bigger ego. All she asks of her rescuees is the same promise she gave—to pass it on.

For the chronology of the Dream’verse, go here. It’s a neat timeline thingy!

No Fraternizing After a lapse in judgment, Joss Ravid attends a mandatory psychological evaluation.

Keen First Try This is a first-draft scene I like but can’t use due to it being narrated by the wrong person. The events here take place…oh, a few months after the end of His Faithful Squire? I don’t have it nailed down yet.

Former Taro Beginning This was maybe the third draft of Knight Errant? I decided starting with Taro alone was a bad idea, and wrote a different scene, which changed things more.


≈≈:=>   Keeper’verse   <=:≈≈

Among humans, only the Keepers have the power to fight the demon infiltrations. But how did mortals gain that power? (Yes, I’ll work on that.)

A Taste of Battle A scene from my early fumbling with the world, it’s in the wrong POV to go in my story.


≈≈:=>   The Spell-Wracked Lands   <=:≈≈

Once wild magic shattered human civilization. Mage-built cities collapsed, spell-sped galleons sank, airships fell from the skies. Magic-born chimerae turned on their creators, and then their neighbors. The peoples of Awrhee fell into barbarism.

But that was generations ago. Humanity has scraped together kingdoms again, without magic. Those who practice spellcraft are eyed with suspicion, as are the old ways, and the old places.

Some, however, seek treasure in the ruins of what was. Knowledge, gold, power—it’s out there. Treasures untold for anyone clever enough to find it, bold enough to take it, fast enough to get away with it.

It’s out there.

Flame Isfree and the Feather of Fate  Expert treasure hunter Flame is just in it to get rich. Ryahled is just there to ruin her fun. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.

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