Chronology of the Dream’verse

In my reading, I’ve often wished for a timeline for more complicated universes, so I feel I should offer one. The timeline I use myself has more details (bwahahaha) but this one is still helpful, I think. Some of the dates are not exact, but they are close enough. (Horse shoes and hand grenades, right?)

Click on the timeline to drag. Also, nothing actually happened in 1928 as far as I know. The program is not made for far-in-the-future SF timelines so the century is wrong, but all the decades are in order.

If you can’t see the timeline, or the box with years shows up but there aren’t any events, try turning off your ad-blocker. The timeline comes from Preceden (which is awesome) but my Noscript blocked it and yours might too. I’m sorry; I don’t see any way to change that.

Works on the Timeline

Foolish Chances on Turtleduck Press

Baking Lessons on Turtleduck Press

Santa Hat in the anthology Winter’s Night available through Turtleduck Press

A Debt Reclaimed on Turtleduck Press

Crazy Boy on Turtleduck Press

Captain’s Boy

Girls’ Night Out on Turtleduck Press

Knight Errant

His Faithful Squire

Fanged Bunny Slippers on Turtleduck Press

Queen’s Man

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