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What did I do today? Umm…survived work. That’s the biggie. Sorta half-assed rehearsed, which was depressing. It was supposed to be a full-dress rehearsal, but I was so freaking exhausted I had to nap, which made me late, and I

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Where I Should Be

I’m right about where I should be on EdMo hours (thirty-two, IIRC), way behind where I wanted to be on manuscipt, and working feverishly to remedy that. The fact that I now have three parts in a play that opens

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NaNoEdMo So Far

Starting on day one, of course: 99 80 60 10 0 240 180 30 40 10 40 60 849 divided by 60 = 14.15 hours so far. I think I need to buckle down a bit. Which is going to

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