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Mailed It!

Today, you may remember (if I mentioned it, did I?) was The Day.  D-Day.  The day I sent Semantics to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  I only needed a little help to get it done. Yeah, right.  I

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Friday the Thirtieth

Yeah, Friday the Thirtieth just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Today, despite the fact that Bly hasn’t remembered to nag, I added 700 words to Semantics.  I had asked her opinion, she said she didn’t feel it was

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June Twenty-Ninth

What was I going to say?  I don’t remember.  Oh, now I do.  Today was the deadline, I was to have decided if I was adding to Semantics or not.  And the decision is–yes.  I think it needs a wee

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