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  That is all.

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The Family That Plays Together

My grandmother just called.  She wants me to come early tomorrow and see if I can help with the new computer.  “No problem,” I said.  I can usually figure the simple crap out, and I’ll be happy to help. “And,”

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Cosmic Message?

Quoting from this site: Heh, there’s no quote. I just want you to go see the picture.  Look in the upper left, and ask yourself if that nebula is doing what I think it’s doing to the people of Earth…

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Ten Top Trivia Tips about KD Sarge! (according to the chibi of my Weiss group, anyway) 1. Never store KD Sarge at room temperature. 2. Edinburgh imports three thousand kilograms of KD Sarge every year. 3. KD Sarge can run sixty-five kilometres

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