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From the Files of Random and Win

First, search terms I am delighted led persons to my blog: Mayan Shaolin Monk semi naked cowboys Welcome, o persons of inquiring mind! Second: I was looking for something today, and conditions being favorable (meaning I didn’t have too much

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PWN, PWN, PWN!! *dances about* Holy CARP, that was hard! Here’s how it broke down, for the curious: 03/01/10 99 03/09/10 40 03/17/10 120 03/25/10 10 03/02/10 80 03/10/10 10 03/18/10 300 03/26/10 20 03/03/10 60 03/11/10 40 03/19/10 120

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Keep Slogging

I think…I’m getting through.  I do think so.  I think I only wrote about four hundred words, but I think it’s getting easier.  I wouldn’t, say, rather go trim my toenails than write. I’d rather go eat chocolate, though.  Or–

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