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A Few Thoughts

A Few Thoughts

It occurred to me on the way home from work today–a year ago I had a boss who spent ten minutes searching her “sent” folder for an email she never sent to me, lecturing the entire time on how she had to

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Shelfie Challenge: Gryphon’s Eyrie

Gryphon’s Eyrie is the last book in the trilogy. Andre Norton wrote it with A.C. Crispin. I don’t know how anyone writes with anyone else, so I’ll be paying attention to see if I can catch them in the act.

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Shelfie Challenge: Gryphon in Glory

Predictably, next in my reading was Gryphon in Glory, the second book in the trilogy. I haven’t read it as many times (because for a long time I did not know that The Crystal Gryphon had a sequel) so it’s

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Shelfie Challenge, Book the First: The Crystal Gryphon

First up, The Crystal Gryphon by André Norton, given to me for Christmas by my marvelous roomie. After deciding months ago that it had been too long since I’d read the trilogy, I managed to locate the sequels. The first

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Introducing the Shelfie Challenge

The idea, as well as the name for it, started here. It hardly needs saying that Neil Gaiman is a genius. “Shelfie” is a marvelous and meaningful word. Here is a shelfie of the built-in bookcase in my living room,

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