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What’s Harder Than Writing Good Smut?

What's Harder Than Writing Good Smut?

I’ve seen a lot of writers complain about sex scenes, but those don’t bother me. Sex is (relatively) easy. Once it’s decided where I’m going, there are only so many ways to get there, after all. An argument, though…oh man.

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Finding Your Themes

I can’t deliberately write to a theme, but I’m pretty good at picking one out later. I do it every time I do Holly Lisle’s One-Pass Revision, and I can’t imagine revising without it now.

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I Was Going to Whine

About what? Oh, I’m sure I could have come up with something. How little time I have to write, maybe, or the fact that every time I start to edit, my brain tries to run off. But the time for

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dadblast it!

Spent all day thinking how much better I could make that ship-fight scene, some fifteen years and a whole lot of writing experience after the first time I wrote it. How much more emotion I could wring from Ben’s horror

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Reporting In

The Ben rewrite is at 2,019 words.  I shall go now and attempt to make it progress farther. Whee?

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The re-write continues. Just passed two thousand words a bit ago. I swear it’ll get faster soon. Earlier I was working on bringing some of my old blog posts over, and I read one I wrote in the middle of

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Hey, remember way back when I used to talk about writing all the time? Well, more than I talked about snot, anyway. (yes, I’m still congested. Did you want to hear about it? Or, instead, I could share a bit

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