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Under Renovation!

Under Renovation!

If you haven’t been by recently, you may not know that I’ve just moved. Things did not go as smoothly as I’d hoped. Some posts and pages are truncated, others are duplicated, and a few things have vanished completely. Please

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Good Question(s)

So I mentioned I’ve been wandering Chuck Wendig’s blog. Today I stumbled on this post:  Six Questions to Ask as You Write. (Still not for the faint of heart–but damn, he cracks me up!) If you don’t care to go

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NaNoEdMo So Far

Starting on day one, of course: 99 80 60 10 0 240 180 30 40 10 40 60 849 divided by 60 = 14.15 hours so far. I think I need to buckle down a bit. Which is going to

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Why ADD is Bad

You know how you’ll be working along and suddenly run into a wall and after you headdesk for a while, you figure out you need to get away from it for a bit? Or maybe you just decide you’d really

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Long Ways From Home

I can’t recall if I mentioned I was expecting him–but today I registered a young man from Japan.  I thought that was very cool. But they lost the poor guy!  How hard is it to understand, that when you’re–oh, three

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hee hee hee

Quoting from this site: A bizarre crustacean, tagged the ‘musical furry lobster’, has been found in Australian waters for the first time.It’s so unusual, with a furry shell and the ability to chirp, that scientists have placed it in its

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Color Me Yelled At

Why is it that the only open physical appt for a month is on the second-busiest day of the second semester?  Today was the 100th day, and I had to leave at 1345.  (figure it out.  Military time makes SENSE.)

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