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Progress Check…Not Much, But Some!

Progress Check...Not Much, But Some!

So July 4th. Independence Day. I printed the calendars. I did not finish setting up the rules, laying out the boundaries, or putting the darn things on the wall. Nope. None of that. I have, however, been doing better at

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Tired but Inspired

Tired but Inspired

I’ve been wandering through some old stuff while I work on the new site (going up soon, to replace the old kdsarge.com! Same bat time, same bat channel! Whoo!) (uh, sorry.) Anyway. Old stuff. Mostly still viable. I just have

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Homesick for the Inside of My Head

OMG no matter how much I need it, I hate being between projects! I have a lot to do, though. I’m not so good at writing boundaries–when I’m deep in a project (especially one fast approaching a deadline, cough) I

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New-to-Me Time-Waster

I went through it all, though (since yesterday) so it’s safe for me to talk about it. Have you seen Set Phasers to LOL yet? This is me, dying laughing. Most sites, if they include SF stuff at all, will

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Mmm, Kahlua…

Yeah, no brain here. Most nights I’m working till I kick myself off the computer and go to bed. So on that rare occasion when I’m not writing and I don’t have to be up in the morning… Mmm, Kahlua.

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Progress, Lack of

Today I feel like my brain is bubbling (not in a good way) in the crockpot that is my skull. Nothing at all got done but work and then a lot of sleeping. And my space bar is sticking.

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No progress on anything. House messier, manuscript stuck, work piling up. Pondering hiding under my bed with my laptop for a week. But here. Have some good news. More broadly, Obama said he was determined to build a new structure

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