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Sneaky Muses

Sneaky Muses

Don’t mind me. I just want to remember how this worked so I can figure out the next big plot issue. 🙂 From my 750 Words this morning: Wish I knew how much of my wander-off obsession was feeding the

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Muses On Board

My muses are getting on board with the editing! In case you were wondering, my muses are not like what other people call muses.  First, we don’t only write when inspired.  Well…maybe I should put it that we get inspired

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I’m getting nowhere.  This is three days of getting nowhere.  My voices are sabotaging me, I think. This book ends badly.  I mean, one of my beloved characters (not sure if I’ve named names before, so I’ll be cagey now

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Luc’s dad dropped a bombshell on him today.  And on me.  And I love it. I don’t want to hear about how I should have seen it coming, that is not how I write and y’all can deal with it. 

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I love the organic way my stories grow.  I do think about the plots some, but not that much.  It’s more a matter of casting my play with interesting people–then writing down what they do. BJ thinks it’s hysterical that

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