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Yes, the blog went kablooie for a while. Yes, it probably was my fault sorta. No, I didn’t mean to do anything but post an update, the intended content of which I have now forgotten… Two hours later, it’s back

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We’ve got snow!  On the ground!  In Tucson! Ahem.  Yes.  Excuse me. In other news, Gandalf died today. Yeah, okay, I’m giddy.  I finished editing Taro finally! The one-pass revision thing worked pretty well, though I did stall for a

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Gimme a Rock

Ever see the STNG episode where the computer is screwed, and everything is going wrong with the Enterprise?  There’s a Romulan ship in the area, and Reiker says something like, (not claiming to be exact, I am not-quite-rabid-Trekkie) “Should it

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Gremlins and/or Leprechauns

You can’t fool me with that gadgetry.  Computers run on gremlins, or leprechauns, and every once in a while that mischievous need of theirs comes to the surface, and you are so screwed. Lucky for me, it was only a minor

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