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Cleaning Out

So I’m between edits again. Last time it was December, and I had about a gazillion things to get done before the manuscript came back to me. Most of them didn’t get done. Does that mean I go back to

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Smile When You Say “Fangirl”

Smile When You Say "Fangirl"

Recently someone said the phrase “Rafe/Taro fangirls” to me. It was not said in a derogatory way, but I heard it as such for a bit. Why? “Fangirls.” Not “fans,” not “enthusiasts.” It was “fangirls.” Fangirls go crazy over silly

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True Dat

We are overwhelmed by sexual images in commercials, art, and pornography, and you might think that the increasing number of images would indicate that we’re moving away from puritanism and towards more positive attitudes towards sex. But in reality, the

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Fascist? Or Scary Black Man?

I can’t understand. I just can’t. Unless it’s an unthinking reaction to letting the scary black man near your children when you aren’t around (which on its own is disgusting; to hide it behind “the fascist wants to indoctrinate in

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