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Great stuff using characters created by others. Usually heavily smutty. You’ve been warned.

Pondering One-Pass

Next-to-last chapter of Shades is up, for those waiting for that news. And I put up my Christmas PWP from a few years back, Piece on Earth. Both can be found in My Fanfics. On another note–I had some thoughts

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It’s such a pleasant occupation, puttering is. Today I’ve puttered about my house, and puttered about my blog. The biggest change is on my Original Fiction page–I’ve updated it, tried to put dates on more of it, and purtified it a bit.

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Fanfic Updated

Not a new chapter, alas. Just an old one finally put up. May I present the latest chapter of Shades and Hues, It’s a Small World? (beware of earworms!) Also, in the interests of accountability, I’m going to start (again)

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Shades Update

That’s about all I have to say, actually. That I put up a new chapter of Shades. Also, concentrating is really hard when you’re about to meet in person someone you’ve enjoyed talking to for years. *bounce bounce*

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Friday Night

So. Ben edit. I’m about to start. No, really! 😉 Umm, what else? Posted a chapter of Shades at last. Picked out an actor who sorta looks like Ben kinda. Sorted out my notes a bit, and wrote a business

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More Shades and Hues

New chapter up on the fanfic page (I know! Less than a month since the last one!) and lots of giggling with friends achieved. Weeeeeeekeeeeennnnddd!!

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I just dropped in on the fanfic site where I started.  I haven’t been there in a while.  When their rating system turned discriminatory (all m/m fics must be rated X, even with no sex or even a kiss.  No,

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