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Are We Equals? (Hint: Are We Women?)

Are We Equals? (Hint: Are We Women?)

It’s funny how things come up all at once sometimes. A friend linked this yesterday. This is where I draw the line. This is where I asks moms all over the world who are SICK OF PINK to take a stand

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We Need Another Way

Have you ever thought about that one inevitable line on nearly any form? You know the one. Sex: M  F Odds are you know the answer–and it’s there. You joke “yes, please!” or “as often as possible!” but you also

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Why I Still Won’t Buy at Amazon

I was going to write a long, carefully thought out post that would wow you with my logic and stun you with my persuasive abilities. So I haven’t blogged in weeks because I wasn’t ready to write that. That’s okay.

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And #Amazonfail Goes On

Some say it’s a glitch. GLBT themes weren’t meant to be removed. Someone meant to pull “gay sex” stuff and went too far. But if you go on Amazon and search “homosexuality,” it seems the ANTI-gay stuff is still there.

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This is Huge

From CNN: What could be bigger than the appointment of the first female minister in Saudi Arabia? Possibly the appointment of a new minister of justice who may actually help her get equal rights with her male counterpart. Right now,

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