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In Other News, the Edit is Done

Yes, that one. That book I’ve been banging my head on for almost two months? Done. That was the loud squeeing noise you may have heard a few nights ago. I won’t deny it’s been rough. Anyone who’s checked in

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Here Endeth the Slog

I actually finished the slog last night, but I was too exhausted to exult. I’m not in much better shape now. But. The slog is done. The first book of Hiro is edited, sorta. I’ve made the changes on paper.

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There’s a Song about Editing

There’s a saying, and now a country song, that goes “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” Yes, I know I said I enjoy editing. And I do–most of the time. But there’s a reason Holly Lisle calls this

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Where I Should Be

I’m right about where I should be on EdMo hours (thirty-two, IIRC), way behind where I wanted to be on manuscipt, and working feverishly to remedy that. The fact that I now have three parts in a play that opens

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I…made an icon?

Tonight I made an icon. I like it lots. I don’t usually choose to write on my person’s face, but I felt it fit this one. And the second line–I was looking for a font that looked like a scream,

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Yeah, this is not going so well. I knew it would be this way, though. Hiro is an utter mess, and besides, editing always starts like this. A whole lot of AUGH and why did I DO that? and hell,

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Like Christmas, Only Better

So. Two weeks off from work. Of course there were holidays in there, so it wasn’t all my time (I like holidays. For about an hour. Maybe two, if I get good presents. Which I did. I showed you my

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