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My Post Avatars

I wanted to put these up with what credits I could, so why not post them here? When I was a stupid new kid on the internets, I formed a very bad habit: if I liked a picture, I saved

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I haven’t looked into the cultures yet, not extensively. But I did research some more this morning, and now (1728–that’s 5:28 p.m. to those not using military time) I’m working on my characters. Got the mind-map and questionnaire done for

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Don’t Kick Yet

I did stuff. Mostly just poking at my characters. My brain doesn’t want to function tonight (not enough sleep) so…yeah. I am so looking forward to this book. These characters are amazing. At some point, though, I’m going to have

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Adding Some Color

Not so long ago, nearly all my major characters were white. Not that I’d planned it that way–it was the result of a singular lack of planning. I plead clueless–I was building a whole universe, and race is not something

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New Character

Yes, I am supposed to be editing Ben. But Nikolai (aka Kolya) wanted some attention. I still mostly suck at drawing.

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The (over-emphasized) Dangers of Mary Sue

In fandom, and increasingly out of it, a character too perfect to be believed, whom all the good guys love and all the bad guys fear, usually with a tragic past, is called a Mary Sue.

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Brain? Where?

Lessee.  No car still.  In a sort-of writing slump–I’m not in the middle of anything, really, but I’m still writing at least a hundred words a day.  I’m attempting to do some planning on something/anything when there’s nothing else. I

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