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The re-write continues. Just passed two thousand words a bit ago. I swear it’ll get faster soon. Earlier I was working on bringing some of my old blog posts over, and I read one I wrote in the middle of

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Brain? Where?

Lessee.  No car still.  In a sort-of writing slump–I’m not in the middle of anything, really, but I’m still writing at least a hundred words a day.  I’m attempting to do some planning on something/anything when there’s nothing else. I

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It broke!  My car broke!  Waaah!! Poor baby, it needs a new timing belt.  Fortunately I have the kind of car that doesn’t get destroyed when the timing belt goes, I just need a new timing belt. Hey, it’s only

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Why do cars break down at Christmas?  I’m not running all over creation shopping, I’m just doing my normal go-to-work, go-home thing.  I’m not being hard on the car at all, why does it break down every December? And why,

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A Good Day

She’s so proud of herself.  She had a good day today, her teacher was so pleased she emailed me.  I’m happy too, but I really don’t think it should be a huge deal that Hope actually behaved herself today. Ah

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