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Blame Adam Lambert

Well, don’t blame him. It was my choice to pay attention to him and not this. But he’s totally why I didn’t write a world-building blog post tonight. Well, that and a doctor appt messing up my day’s routine, and

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I Didn’t Nap Today

I Didn't Nap Today

That may not seem like much to you, but to me it’s one hell of an accomplishment. And a sign I may be getting my life back from work, far earlier than I’ve managed it in years. Which is a

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For Future Reference

Warning for some serious pelvis action.┬á ­čść Yes, this is my place to store things I don’t want to lose. Also–I think it’s the mark of a great musician, when the less stuff they have available, the better they sound.

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The Mistletoe Incident

I love this video, and I must share. It has Adam Lambert in it. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. ^__^

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Adam Lambert’s got a Boyfriend!

…or at least, a male friend whose hand he likes to hold. Go here for photographic evidence. And if that’s got you crying, go here to fangirl that Twilight dude. Seriously. Go now. True Adam fans wanna celebrate his awesomeness

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