Month: July 2017

Rainbow in my Front Yard and Other News

We’re (finally!) into the monsoon in Southern Arizona. That means sun every morning, and rain most evenings. It’s kind of awesome. So are rainbows, which we get a lot of during the monsoon. Have a crummy pic through my front

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Meet Me in the Deep End

The house I first tried to buy (but it was gone before I even had a loan) had a pool. I love pools, but I’m just as happy that I didn’t get it. I’d probably have never gotten around to

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Progress Check…Not Much, But Some!

Progress Check...Not Much, But Some!

So July 4th. Independence Day. I printed the calendars. I did not finish setting up the rules, laying out the boundaries, or putting the darn things on the wall. Nope. None of that. I have, however, been doing better at

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Struggling With Routine

Struggling With Routine

Sometimes (most times) I could really stand to get into a rut. A very specific rut, understand–the one where I do the things I need to do every day, without really noticing so I don’t have the chance to go

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