Month: June 2016

Bea’s Got a Fish!

Bea's Got a Fish!

I’m writing, I’m writing! And dealing with car issues, and it’s way too bloody hot, and did I mention the car issues involve the AC? But anyway. I’m writing, don’t hit me! Last week in desperation I bought a new

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What’s Not Nice?

My grocery store has strawberries on sale. 97 cents for a pint container! I pick one or two up every time I go in there. Today on my way between friend’s house where I was killing some malware and the

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Inner Children Need Love!

I have friends who are really hard on themselves. I hear the things they say about themselves, and I know the things they say TO themselves are probably even worse, and it makes me sad. Where does it come from,

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I Went to a Gym–And I Liked It!

Some time ago, I thought about joining a gym. I looked around at the options, but the only ones close to me had a lot of reviews with variations of “only for the beautiful people” or “expensive!” or “constant pressure

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