Month: February 2016

Tucson Mountain High…

Tucson Mountain High...

Okay, the parts of the Tucson Mountains that I’ve been climbing are not that high. But they are enough for me (for now) and they are great fun. Did you know geologists actually call the mountains around me the “Tucson

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Paper, Paper, Everywhere

I gotta get back to blogging regularly… Tonight I’m clearing my desk a bit, and I can’t believe how much paper is piled on it. Where does all this stuff even come from? Wherever, tonight it’s going away. I already

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Judge Me By My Size, Do You?

Hmm? That’s my lake in the upper left hand corner–the one I usually walk around. Today I decided to do a little mountain climbing instead. I’m gonna hurt a bit¬†tomorrow–but WOW, did it feel amazing today! View of the mountain

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