Month: December 2014

She Turned Me into a Newt!

But it got better. Slowly. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. I don’t even have a good reason, beyond more “I’m sick, I’m tired, screw Christmas, wah wah wah…” Also there’s the fact that I’m used

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I’m Here!

I'm Here!

There’s just…crap going on.† Have some links to what I’m distracting myself with, in my bid to hold onto my sanity. Gorgeous Saturn pics from Cassini These pronoun patches are awesome, and so is the rest of the shop. This

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December Delivered?

December Delivered?

All right, who ordered December? I am TOTALLY NOT READY for this! We need to get a tree. Why is it time to get a tree? How is it time to start stocking up and hiding presents and stuff? It’s

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Autographed Copy Giveaway – Even the Score

To celebrate the release of Even the Score (yay, it’s out at last! Did you get your ebook yet? Amazon or Smashwords, what’s your pleasure? Want to check out the free chapters?) *ahem* To celebrate the release of Even the

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Even the Score

A novel of the Dream’verse One, two, three, How many will my victims be? One, two, three, four, How many more to even the score? When Taro Hibiki leads a survival class into the backwoods, he has two goals: to

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