Cats and Sunbeams: an OTP for the Ages

So! Surgery! Fun stuff, yeah?

Bleh. But hopefully worth it.

It’s behind me now, though, yay! I’m finally getting to where I don’t spend a good portion of my day in bed. I couldn’t be happier. My cats are also ecstatic.

And I’ll tell you, I’ll be happy for some peace. It’s been quite a struggle, getting sleeping space on my own bed during the day. You see, it’s positioned perfectly to catch the morning sunlight from one window (helping me, in normal times, to drag my butt out of bed) and the afternoon light from another. For years my cats have shown their appreciation of this placement by sleeping on it all day long. They did not appreciate my infringing on this beloved habit.

In the past two weeks we’ve had power struggles. We’ve had lots of meowed complaints. We’ve had cats attempting to walk across the human’s tummy and wondering why they are suddenly launched through the air.

So, yeah. Happy for a multitude of reasons that I can now (mostly) leave the bed to the cats while the sun is hitting it.

Not least of those reasons is that my new book is coming out April 1st! Since I have spent the last two weeks mostly flat on my back, I’ve still got tons to do to get ready for it. That’s what I’m going to be doing while the cats re-acquaint themselves with their adored sunbeams.

Oh, and be aware–I’m plotting some giveaways to get the word out about the new book, so be sure to drop by often!

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2 comments on “Cats and Sunbeams: an OTP for the Ages
  1. Bea says:

    So glad to hear that you’re doing better! Glad to hear that the flying cats should be at a minimum around there, too.

    Eeeeee, Donte! Soon!

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