The Regret When You Get Up Too Early

The Regret When You Get Up Too Early

I woke up at 5 a.m. to take my antibiotic. Stumbled into the bathroom, stumbled back out, crawled into bed…and couldn’t get back to sleep. I tried–I’m having surgery in a few days and it’d be smart to be well-rested to give my immune system maximum support. Also, it’s the weekend. Also also, sleep. But it didn’t work. All the things I could/should do kept running through my head. I sat up. I felt pretty good. It was two hours before I meant to get up, but I had slept for six hours. That’s decent. And I only have one thing I must do today. I could nap in the afternoon if I wanted. I love napping in the afternoon.

So I got up. At first things were great. I love the peace of my house before the others are awake. I love working away when everyone else is asleep, I feel like I’m getting a head start on things. I washed dishes while my breakfast cooked, petted the cat while I worked on flash cards for my Spanish vocabulary. Browsed the internet a bit, and dragged my backside back to work.

Then I started yawning. I blame the rain. I’ve been using the rain sound on my alarm clock to help me get to sleep, so when it started raining my brain went “oh, finally, bedtime!”

But now it’s eight o’clock and I want to go back to bed. Now, when I have to be up because the kid has an appointment in a bit, I want to go back to bed.


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