Beware of Invisibility and KD

This is Professor Emerson F. Snugglekins. He has come to join the squid on my bed. Professor Snugglekins† is a gift from a dear lady who hopes my surgery goes well and I recover quickly. Also fuck you. (it’s an in-joke. We’re friends. We can do that.)

I’m posting Mr. Snugglekins because he’s adorable. Also to let everyone know that in the busy week prior to (that’s this week) and the (hopefully brief) recovery time after, I’ll be around less and when I am around it’s possible I might be stoned.

Bear with me.

(Ha! I kill me! Ha!)

In other news, the edit is done, despite this.

†He insists on the title, and I am all about respect for one’s life decisions.

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4 comments on “Beware of Invisibility and KD
  1. Bea says:

    Wait, what? Surgery? DDD:

    I hope you recover easily and quickly. *vibes, thoughts and beacons health at you*

    • KD says:

      Y’know, I did really try to at least tell ppl personally and not in a blog post…I guess I didn’t do so hot at it. My woman-bits need to come out, and I’m rather happy about it. Just want it DONE, tho.

      • Bea says:

        Hey, at least I found out beforehand. I know I’ve been pretty scarce lately. Glad you’re not upset about it. Given cramps and whatnot lately, I’m actually a teensy bit jealous. >_>


  2. Dianna says:

    …he’s adorable.

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